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Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher Training! Virtually!

Join Megha for three wonderful, virtual, and  transformational weekends for Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training!

Let Your Yoga Dance® is a transformational movement practice where joy and fun meet deep and sacred. Join Megha to explore the science, method, and application of Let Your Yoga Dance, dive into the art of teaching, and lead a practice class for your peers... all virtually, in the safe comfort of your home!

Offered via Zoom and in an atmosphere of playfulness, compassion, non-competition, kind rigor, professionalism, and respect for different learning styles, this training includes:

• Complete training in 3 weekends
• In-depth mentoring and skill-building
• The art of creating a safe and sacred class
• Study of meditation in motion and relaxation
• Chakra exploration, accompanied by fabulous world music
• Dancing tips for yoga teachers
• Applied yamas and niyamas—the yogic codes of conduct
• Music appreciation and building your chakra music library
• Techniques for promoting and marketing your business.

Training is Completed over
Three Weekends

Enrollment is limited!
While this will be on Zoom, the connections among the future teachers is an important aspect of this training. To create the connections and intimacy important to the training, enrollment is limited.

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