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Bring Megha to Your Next Event!

Megha is a gifted speaker, sharing her inspirational story around the world. She motivates audiences by describing how they can find joy in their lives through dance, music and movement.

Megha leverages her yoga and dancing abilities with writing to establish a unique and fascinating connection with each audience – shaping her presentation to meet the needs and aspirations of each group.

She has been a featured speaker at audience events for associations, schools and corporations.

She offers programs and more designed to bring the element of joy, happiness and positivity into organizations. She combines the science of positive psychology with music movement and dance to create experiences that last long after the program is over.

Each program she offers is tailored to your needs.

  • Keynotes Focusing on Positivity, Strength, Resilience, and Joy

  • Perfect for Smaller, Intimate Gatherings of Leaders or Larger Groups, Annual Meetings and Conventions 

  • Perfect for Caregivers for and Patients with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and Other Special Needs Audiences 

  • Targeted Topics such as Happiness, Empowerment, Wholebeing Health and More!

Parkinson's Let Your Yoga Dance
Let Your Yoga Dance
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Five Reasons Why Megha is Perfect for Your Audience

1. Delightful

Everyone loves Megha. She has an authenticity and realness on stage that brings joy to people’s hearts and inspires change.


Megha is enthusiastic and fun. She's not going to just "talk" at your audience, she'll interact with them, have them join in. She'll make everyone in your audience feel like they can accomplish anything through music and movement!

3. Accommodating

She’ll tailor her message to meet any topic or challenge facing your audience. Megha helps general audiences find joy and deeper health by the combining of positive psychology, yoga, qigong, theatre, and dance. Megha can create just what you need for your organization's event. When Megha teaches Let Your Yoga Dance to people with Parkinson’s — and other special populations — she helps them become more joyful through movement, sound, and music.

4. Tools & Take Aways

Your audience will be energized, motivated, and empowered with tools they can put to use immediately!

5. The "Joy" Factor

Her message is joy-filled: high energy delivery, stunning presentation, audience interaction, science-backed, and simple, life-changing messages.

Some of the Topics Megha Can Offer You:

  • Celebrate Life: Embodying Grace and Gratitude

  • Earth Prayers for Life

  • Grace in Motion

  • Living in Joy

  • Let Your Yoga Dance, Embodying Positive Psychology

  • Let Your Yoga Dance for Parkinson’s

  • 7 Steps to Joy: Understanding the Chakas

  • Wild and Wise Women: Let Your Yoga Dance Celebration

  • Gentle Yoga and Qigong

  • Meditation and Me

  • Yoga, Mudra, Qigong, and Meditation

  • Introduction to Yoga, Qigong, and Meditation

  • The Foundation of Yoga: the Yamas and Nyamas

  • The Art of Self-care

  • Caring for the Caregiver

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Offer Your Attendees Something Amazing Before Your Conference Starts!

Let Your Yoga Dance

Do you offer yoga or similar programs in the morning for your attendees? Why not change things up a little: get your attendees' energy moving with a joyful Let Your Yoga Dance class with Megha!

Let Your Yoga Dance lifts the spirit, raises self-awareness, and invokes joy. It takes yoga off the mat. It combines yoga, the breath, and user-friendly movement and dance with fabulous music from around the world.

Your attendees will leave the experience filled with happiness and joy, and ready to take on the day at your conference with energy and enthusiasm!

Contact Megha here and see how she can make the mornings at your conference ones to remember!

Bringing Joy.

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