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Megha Nancy Buttenheim testimonials
Kind Words and Testimonials From Those
Who Know and Have Danced with Megha!

"Megha is the Karen Drucker of Movement! Joyous, fun, delightful, deep. Her dance of yoga has something for everyone."

Dr Joan Borysenko, Author, Speaker, Expert in the Mind/Body Connection and Integrative Medicine


"Megha’s creation, Let Your Yoga Dance is truly a love song to the potential of the human spirit and a love song to life!"

Sylvia Boorstein


"Megha holds a clear view and a transparent excitement for her work that is deftly transferred to her students, enlightening them to know what it means to dance your yoga."

Vinn Arjuna Marti, Founder of Soul Motion


"Megha Nancy Buttenheim is a dynamic speaker. She quickly engages her audience with warmth, wisdom and humor. Her exuberant enthusiasm and positive message fills the room with joy! Being in her audience is a treat. You will leave feeling inspired and uplifted."

Noreen Kelty, Success Principle Coach and Speaker, Let Your Yoga Dance Instructor, Author of Living in Joy

"Megha Nancy Buttenheim combines yoga, dance, spirituality, psychology, and healthy movement to show us how to embody joy, open the heart, and deepen our connection to life!"

James Baraz, Co-founding Teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Author of Awakening Joy

"Megha’s passionate enthusiasm and love for the practices translates into love for us. Her belief in our inner dancer and in our capacity for joy is contagious."

Amy Weintraub, founder of LifeForce Yoga for Mood, Author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists

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