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Megha is author of the book, Expanding Joy: Let Your Yoga Dance, Embodying Positive Psychology. She is the creator of three top selling DVD/ MP4s, including her newest: Let Your Yoga Dance – with Megha.

Megha is also the creator of three yoga-meditation CDs/MP3s, Introduction to Yoga and Meditation DVD/ MP4, her own Animal Songs CD/ MP3 of original songs she sings about animals, and so much more!

Expanding Joy Book
  • Book: Expanding Joy: Let Your Yoga Dance, Embodying Positive Psychology 
    With humor and heart, this book introduces the reader to Let Your Yoga Dance. It offers simple, powerful ways to move with joy while simultaneously embodying the character strengths of Positive Psychology.

  • DVD/MP4: Let Your Yoga Dance - with Megha!
    This DVD brings the beautiful practice of Let Your Yoga Dance into your own home.

  • MP4: Moving With Your Strengths
    This is a powerful MP4 video series based on all the Positive Psychology character strengths. Filled with movement and music, Moving With Your Strengths is accompanied by a free 30-day online practice in which students can be in community as they delve deeply into all 30 character strengths.

  • DVD/MP4: Introduction to Yoga & Meditation
    A great introduction of yoga and meditation practice. Perfect for both newcomers and for seasoned yogis who are seeking a more relaxing practice.

  • CD/MP3: Moontides
    All Levels Yoga, Chanting, and Meditation. Inspiring yoga practice including Megha chanting, the Moon Salutation, and Slow Motion Prana: Healing Hand Meditation .

  • CD/MP3: Power and Grace 
    A Dynamic Yoga Flow co-led with Devarshi – Stephen Hartman. Sun Salute variations and glorious relaxation, with live drumming background.

  • CD/MP3 Animal Songs 
    Megha’s love and dedication for Mother Earth come forth in this music CD of her original songs about animals, a favorite with both little kids and grownups.

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