Join the

Let Your Yoga Dance Zoom
Halloween Party!

October 31, 2020

8:00-9:15pm EST

Join me and some of my fabulous Let Your Yoga Dance teachers for a fun and spooky night of dancing through the chakras!

If COVID, politics, and other scary things are making you exhausted, this event will bring more energy, joy and smiles into your life!


Grab a costume or even just a fun Halloween hat and join us for this spooky, fun, and frivolous Let Your Yoga Dance zoom event!

No costume? No worries! You can join the fun as your wild and whacky self! Remember: it's Let YOUR Yoga Dance!


It's Halloween... it's a full moon... it's dancing through the chakras... what could be more fun?

Registration is just $13!

Bring your magical black cat or any of your 4-leggeds and dance with them, too!

CJO - Chief Joy Officer

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